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The importance of strategy in Forex

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The first rule for success in the forex market is to have a good strategy and to follow it strictly. Few understand that to succeed in the Forex market, the trader must apply the right strategy given the market conditions. Your strategy should begin with how much money you are willing to lose. This may seem a pessimistic scenario, the end of the day the objective is to make money and not lose, but common sense tells you that the Forex market is a game. Continue reading

Know currency trading closer

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Though forex is the biggest financial marketplace in the world, it is comparatively unknown terrain to retail traders. Until the internet became popular few years ago, FX was chiefly the area of big financial organizations, MNC’s and hedge funds. But with changing times individual investors are more knowledgeable in this relatively grey area. Read on to find the most asked questions on foreign exchange. Continue reading

The importance of money management in Forex

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Money management is the most important aspect in forex.Even if the estimates of investment in forex tend to be accurate and correct,in the long term may no longer be,so it is essential to implement good money management techniques. The key for success in forex trading is to take big risks and look for higher profits.But this is true and applicable when dealing with virtual money in demo accounts. Continue reading