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Tips to avoid Forex scams

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It is a very common known fact that Forex market is the biggest market and hence many scams and frauds are frequently happening in this area. The reason is that since this a relatively new window for making money, it has not got in as much attention from the general public. Since everybody in this fast paced world is out there to make a quick buck, it is also easier to fool some of these people into a scam. There is many ways through which these fraudulent activities attack you. Some of the methods are trading systems which are automated, unknown brokers, forex software platforms and many more. Here we will discuss some points on how to avoid such scams and fraudulent activities. Continue reading

What is a Forex simulator?

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The Forex simulator is very effective software developed for working in the Forex trade. This can help you to increase your understanding of Forex business, the needed skills and the best part of it is that you can do it without investing. This however is good for training in real time, and you can apply your knowledge and skills immediately without waiting for days. If you are starting as Forex investor this is amazing Forex software that can boost your confidence and turn you into a professional in no time. With Forex simulator you can study trade, movements, and easily identify the format, and layout of market. Continue reading

Things to know about CMS Forex

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Capital Market Services (CMS) is the leading Forex Company based in USA. The global presence of CMS has been strong with head office is in New York and sub offices in Boston, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Bermuda, and Saint Petersburg, Currently the company is operating in USA, Japan, and London as Capital Market Services international, Capital Market Services Japan and Capital Market Services UK. Continue reading