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The importance of strategy in Forex

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The first rule for success in the forex market is to have a good strategy and to follow it strictly. Few understand that to succeed in the Forex market, the trader must apply the right strategy given the market conditions. Your strategy should begin with how much money you are willing to lose. This may seem a pessimistic scenario, the end of the day the objective is to make money and not lose, but common sense tells you that the Forex market is a game. Continue reading

How Forex scams can get to you?

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Becoming rich in FX trading is very much a reality if you know the techniques that one ought to pursue to be a successful trader. The flip side is that though you can become rich from this, you also have a big chance of losing the entire thing especially from scammers who are always looking for their next victim. Currency Trading can be a tricky business if an individual are not careful. Continue reading

Forex scammers and their modus operandi

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As trading in foreign currencies are getting popular by the day, forex trading scams are becoming more common and wider than ever. Forex traders who are beginners are considered to be the biggest prey for these scammers. All this is because the forex market is not regulated. The following are some popular tricks employed by scammers to catch people who are unfamiliar with the forex market unawares. Continue reading