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Things To Know About CMS Forex

Capital Market Services (CMS) is the leading forex company based in USA. The global presence of CMS has been strong with head office is in New York and sub offices in Boston, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Bermuda, and St. Petersburg.

Currently the company is operating in USA, Japan, and London as Capital Market Services international, Capital Market Services Japan and Capital Market Services UK.

The CMS Forex launched its most famous software with same name CMS Forex in 1999. This was leading software with powerful tool for foreign currency dealing for more then ten years. CMS software was result of collaboration between many teams with all the three sides, Forex, investors, bankers, and the software developers working closely. CMS is quite famous for the fast execution, fast service and friendly customer support right from its start.

cms forex software

The CMS Forex software is quite flexible in use, you can easily use it as another extension if you are using FOREX radar Pro, or MetaTrader 4 too. It also came with the many other additional benefits including Virtual Private Hosting, Forex News, Webinars, and VT Trader too.

The latest news about this software is that since 15 October 15, 2010, this software is not available for retail clients. Still considered as a benchmark in industry, CMS is still providing great charting VT Trader™. The recent study shows that the VT Trader is still in the top five packages for learning the Forex trade.

CMS Forex software offered so many firsts, among them use of the VT Trader to give the charts and analysis for easy understanding of different was ground breaking. The CMS software also provided tight spread to even 0.9 pips.

The investor can enjoy many functions including the interest rollover, trade in micro lot. The software also offered leverage capability to fifty times too.

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