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Why you need a Forex trade betting account

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A Forex Trade Betting Account is the starting point for your Forex investment venture. For the starters the option to use the demo is quite handy, you can even initiate the account with your automatic free play money to start and invest and trade. The benefits of Forex Trade Betting account including the active market that is open 24 hours. You can trade, invest and reinvest any time of day as there is always some market open in Australia, New York or Tokyo. Continue reading

What are the differences between Forex Practice Account and Forex Trading Account?

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One of great benefits of Forex trade is the learning and making your own rules. The Demo or practice account gives easy chance to understand the basics of trade and make all the mistakes to learn how to rectify them. The risk free investment environment of practice Forex account can easily prepare for the actual trading fast. The Practice Forex account is very similar to the trade account; the only apparent difference is that the whole investment you do here is done on the software. It keeps the record of your activity and even give you the whole graphic analysis too so you feel like being on the same platform and start to feel comfortable there also. Continue reading

Spread betting explained

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You always hear about the Forex trade, and spread betting in the business news, no wonder you might also wish to know, what Forex Spread Betting is, and how it works. Let’s explore the opportunities by Spread Betting and how you can get excellent profit in return with very small investment. The spread betting is investment being offered by the bookmakers in favor or against happening of certain price, ore event. The spread is the range that contains the chances or possibilities of the outdoor vinyl banners specific event. The two concepts of “Go short” or “Go long” basically try to give the idea that you might be having a favorable or unfavorable result. Continue reading