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It’s such a small percentage that you barely notice it... But what if I told you that 1% of the world’s population holds 43% of all personal global wealth?

We know why you are here.

We know why you found us.


You have been asking yourself questions:

You’re here because you’ve been burned by the “gurus” and by the “financial influencers” from popular social media platforms who over-promised but under-delivered.

You’re here because you have invested time and money in developing your skills. You’ve found a passion for statistics, trades, appreciation and market demand. You’re here because you’ve hit a plateau. You’re here because you are NOT done pursuing financial and personal freedom!


Some of the problems that you might have been having with your trading are:


  • You don’t feel that you know enough, you need to know more.
  • You are unsure if you have everything you need.
  • You are doubting your strategy.
  • You’ve been let down by previous teachers.

Hi I’m Iain,

When I tell people that I’ve been a guest speaker teaching folks how to trade the financial markets for over a decade, many of them will ask: but HOW can you help people achieve real success? Isn’t it difficult to overcome all the obstacles?

Well, YES, it can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a good mentor/teacher and a strategy that you can trust.

What makes me a good teacher? I will happily share some facts with you.

I have worked exclusively in the fund management and investor services sector since my induction into the heart of London’s financial sector in the early 1990’s. I diligently amassed over a decade of industry experience within an institutional banking environment, working with some of the top trading firms and funds in the world.

In my early thirties I was Vice President of the London branch of a major US Investment Bank, where I headed up the fund groups responsible for UK, Dutch and Scandinavian institutional investors. During this period I was able to gain deep insight into some of the world’s largest funds.

I was also personally recognized for my contribution to the management of the assets of the Welcome Trust – one of the two biggest Foundations by assets in the world, and the only non-government sponsor of the Human Genome Project.

Observing the fallout from the dot-com crash across some of the world’s largest equity funds, I developed an alternative to the conventional investment and trading approach that has not only provided exceptional returns to my investors for over a decade, but also protected my clients from systemic market risks.

Valuable experience that is now accessible to those who know how hard it is to acquire the knowledge to successfully trade in Forex.

What does it take to be an ahead of the game Forex Trader?

  • Grit – Forex is for the courageous
  • Determination – You’ve done introductory courses, research and you most probably have tried your luck on a few smaller trades.
  • You’re an investigator – You’ve been digging around on social media, search engines and online business and trading forums to find the “specialists” and the “experts” and you’ve jotted down books full of notes.
  • The right mindset!!

What DON’T you have?

You don’t have time or money to waste on strategies and teachings that offer you absolutely NO value!

Let’s be frank… neither do I…

I am here to educate you on how you can implement strategies and develop your skill-set to enhance your chances of success!

Why Forex Trading?

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Offshore income
  • Geographical independence
  • No employees

But you already knew about all the advantages of becoming a Forex Trader, that is why you’re searching for more answers, more learning, more opportunities.

You also know that…

  • 80% of people who try trading never make money.
  • Of the other 20% who do, only about 2% get to keep it.

So, what is really stopping you from joining the 1% global wealth club? Forex scammers and fake gurus? Unreliable information from individuals who have limited to no experience in our field.

Forex Trading, when implemented properly and strategically, is a real justifiable income opportunity.

We want to empower you to reach your full trader potential! Therefore I am offering you free access to the 3 Part Video Series on trading the Daily Impulse Strategy, one of our fund’s core strategies that has been extremely profitable for us, and especially so in the first quarter of 2020.

Why do we do what we do?

For the very good reason that the experience, knowledge, tools and resulting success gleaned from all those years are what we hope to be able to transfer to you.

Has Forex changed my life?

Yes, I have the freedom to be with my family and work from home. I have retired a lot earlier than most and I will be travelling the world by sea in the near future. Being an independent Forex trader has empowered me to live my best life. A life I sincerely wish for every aspiring Forex trader out there.

As an added incentive we also make fully funded $2 million trading accounts with generous profit share available to our members.

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